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Charles E. Calhoun was born in Augusta Georgia along with his other fourteen siblings. Living in Georgia Mr. Calhoun had a hard life being poor. He began working at the age of six through twelve picking cotton. At the age of twelve he took on a job at a barbeque pit, where his duties included keeping the barbeque pit hot. One night he fell asleep and some soldiers from a nearby army base decided to play a trick on him. They tied his shoelaces together and struck a match to the bottom of his feet. When Charles jump up his pants caught on fire from the barbeque pit. He received multiple third and fourth degree burns on his legs, and was hospitalized for several months. Mr. Calhoun had no insurance, but the help of an insurance agent made it possible for him to be treated.



Mr. Calhoun survived this, however, he was left with a permanent scar on his right shin that will remain there forever. Nothing stopped Mr. Calhoun from getting towards success. Mr. Calhoun was a dreamer and was determine to make his dreams a reality. Not having much and working so hard to get what he needed allowed him to appreciate everything and take for granted nothing. At the age of twelve he always dreamed of coming north to find a job that he would make enough money to bring his brothers and sisters north. One day while in Georgia, Charles mother decided to put Charles on a train to DC to go make a life for himself. At the age of seventeen he came to Washington, D.C., staying with a number of relatives. Charles was afraid and did not know what he would do when he arrived there. Being the survivor he is Mr. Calhoun was able to land a few jobs here and there until one day he finally landed a job at the DC Sanitation Department as a trash collector.


Mr. Calhoun always made sure he sent his mother money and always wished that one day he would be able to bring her to DC. Mr. Calhoun became well respected for his hard work. After months of sending money home to his parents and saving he sent for his for his father to come find a place large enough for his family to live. After his father came he found a place and went back and brought his mother and all his siblings to DC.


Through the hard work and the prayers he put in he was determined to make something of his life. Mr. Calhoun always attended church where he met his beautiful wife. Mr. Calhoun would tell you that God gave him exactly what he asked for.After getting married, Charles still helped and supported his parents. His dream was to own his own business. He and his wife than purchased an open body truck to pick up trash. After talking to many property managers he was given his first contract with the Waggaman and Brawner Corporation in the 1960s. He worked so well that they had given him multiple contracts, so much he had to leave the district government and go into business full time. He has always given recognition to the Waggaman and Brawner Corporation for helping his dream come true. Mr. Calhoun has since been married for more than 52years and the two of them together have three children (a son and twin daughters), and seven grandchildren(six granddaughters and one grandson). 


Mr. Calhoun's dreams became reality!!

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