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Calhoun Trash Service (CTS) is a small but mighty waste and recycling company. For over 40 years, we’ve provided solid waste collection, transfer, and disposal services to residential, commercial, industrial, and private organizations. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with dependable, sustainable, and reliable services with competitive and negotiable pricing. We strive on effective customer service, providing our

customers with quality service while honoring their request

based on their needs.


Calhoun Trash provides commercial and residential bulk trash removal services.  Let us handle the removal and disposal of large household items, old appliances and unwanted furniture from your property.  

Eviction Services

Calhoun Trash provides professional  removal of items left behind after eviction of tenants from your property.  We can remove most items  including furniture, appliances, yard debris and belongings left behind by previous tenant.

Debris and Solid Waste Removal

Calhoun Trash specializes in commercial and residential debris and solid waste removal services for over 40 years.  Quick and efficient removal of trash and debris from your home or business.

Customer Service: Our customers are important to us. We are dedicated to serving them with reliability and expertise.


Quality Service: We provide the highest quality of services including waste solutions.

Waste Removal Services: For over 40 years, we have provided waste removal services to meet our customer’s needs.

Eviction Services: We quickly and effectively complete eviction services to ensure the easiest transition possible.

Just a few of our clients

ClH Companies

Coalition for the Homeless

Borger Management

The Donaldson Group

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